ORBIS offers comprehensive, integrated services to fit your needs. We provide a blend of technical proficiency with experienced personnel for pragmatic and invaluable resolution to the challenges you face. Our team has the expertise to plan and implement the development of oil and gas assets, including the installation of your project subsurface and surface assets.  

Drilling and completions →
Coil tubing 

Drilling and completion planning and field supervision

ORBIS engineers plan drilling and completion programs worldwide in developed and remote locations. Our drilling experience includes both vertical and horizontal drilling. ORBIS maintains ownership of several software licenses including casing design and directional/torque-drag programs that reduce overall design time.

During all phases of onshore and offshore operations, our team supervises and implements rig evaluations, logistical planning, material flow, drilling operations and coordination of the drilling programs with client engineering teams. Working in the major oil field locations worldwide, our drilling engineers have extensive well-site experience and have a practical and proven knowledge of what can be done in a drilling program.

With first-hand know-how, the ORBIS completion engineers understand onshore and offshore wells, including platform and subsea well construction. Our proven skills in completion designs such as multiple frac-pack, smart well subsea completions and HT/HP; and completion including horizontal wells and artificial lift are evidenced in well-executed, successful projects for our clients.

The ORBIS field supervisors take the responsibility of managing operations rather than recording events after the fact. Experience coupled with accountability is the ORBIS difference.

Workovers and interventions

ORBIS plans and field supervises workovers and interventions on land and offshore wells throughout the world.
•    Offshore platform and subsea wells
•    Horizontal wells
•    Deep water operations  
•    Coil tubing workovers since 1988  
•    Well test and frac-flowback    
•    Well P&A—land and offshore

The ORBIS engineers and supervisors design and execute rig workover and through-tubing workover operations including coiled tubing and snubbing, with services such as engineering and procedure documentation, materials procurement, costing, and field supervision of the operations. Our experience extends to oil and gas production wells, water injectors and gas storage wells.

Coil tubing and underbalanced drilling services

ORBIS is a recognized authority in coiled tubing intervention operations and coiled tubing drilling. We assist clients where coiled tubing drilling is examined as a potential solution to specific well engineering problems. We plan and supervise conventional underbalanced drilling projects optimizing a well potential. The Gas Research Institute contracted ORBIS to write and present a three-day course in underbalanced drilling in several locations across the US.

Geological/geophysical services

With capabilities in development and exploration projects, ORBIS geologists are involved in a range of projects from simple inter-well correlation to full field modeling and complex facies studies. ORBIS works with your project team or with a project-specific ORBIS team, whatever is appropriate. Our geologists perform all critical on-site geological duties, directional drilling ties, identifying and predicting markers and TD determination and provide Open-Hole Logging QC and Reporting services. They have extensive thin bed horizontal geo-steering experience, working with drilling engineers and mud loggers on overpressure detection, sample description, and providing open-hole logging quality control as well as daily reporting to the main office.

The ORBIS geophysicists work in a wide range of geological environments and sedimentary basins. In 2-D and 3-D seismic analysis, our geophysicists use several popular analysis software packages. Project involvement varies from strict interpretation and mapping to QA/QC responsibilities during field data acquisition and reprocessing activities. Project work scopes include inter-well correlation, full field modeling and facies studies.

Production/facilities engineering services

ORBIS tests and completes wells worldwide on land, barge, shelf and deepwater projects. Our petroleum engineers and supervisors design and execute workover and snubbing operations including engineering and procedure documentation; materials procurement; costing; field supervision of the operations; and final reporting. The services include diagnostic well production analysis, forecasting, general property and acquisition analyses and full field studies. Experienced in oil and gas production wells, water injectors, and gas storage wells, ORBIS also designs and installs secondary recovery facilities.

Reservoir engineering services

The ORBIS reservoir engineers have a long history of client satisfaction. Our field operations bring a practical view to reservoir solutions. Our teams have the ability and experience to analyze your oil and gas projects with a multitude of analysis techniques including RPI, well test, material balance and reservoir simulation. Using a diverse set of engineering tools, we provide comprehensive, cost effective solutions to reservoir engineering problems.