ORBIS offers services to complement your drilling, exploration and production programs. With a diverse team of accomplished engineers, geologists and field supervisors, and a combination of experience, teamwork, and complete, integrated services, we effectively serve major oilfield locations around the world.



Since 1980, ORBIS has provided and applied sound engineering to well-supervised field operations. Today our focus is drilling, production, reservoir and geological engineering with all associated field supervision, executed by a seasoned team. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with an office in Houston, Texas. ORBIS maintains agency agreements in several additional areas worldwide. The strengths of our committed crew—experience and prudent solutions—enable us to complement your oil and gas projects around the globe.


The right people, in the right combination

Engaging ORBIS allows you to optimize personnel resources while adding flexibility to quickly adapt to ever-changing market conditions—key elements for the success of a project. Assembling a team of highly motivated professionals from a variety of backgrounds, or working as part of an existing team enables us to fit the needs of diverse clients.

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The right services for comprehensive, integrated solutions

ORBIS utilizes a diverse set of computer-based tools to determine the most cost-effective solution for reservoir engineering and geologic challenges. ORBIS tailors the analysis recommendation based on the available data and our overall history and experience with similar projects—prior to beginning any project. We work within your budget constraints, and deliver the best possible results. If you have questions, or would like more information on our technical capabilities or past projects, contact the ORBIS offices.

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