Geological/geophysical services

With capabilities in development and exploration projects, ORBIS geologists are involved in a range of projects from simple inter-well correlation to full field modeling and complex facies studies. ORBIS works with your project team or with a project-specific ORBIS team, whatever is appropriate. Our geologists perform all critical on-site geological duties, directional drilling ties, identifying and predicting markers and TD determination and provide Open-Hole Logging QC and Reporting services. They have extensive thin bed horizontal geo-steering experience, working with drilling engineers and mud loggers on overpressure detection, sample description, and providing open-hole logging quality control as well as daily reporting to the main office.

The ORBIS geophysicists work in a wide range of geological environments and sedimentary basins. In 2-D and 3-D seismic analysis, our geophysicists use several popular analysis software packages. Project involvement varies from strict interpretation and mapping to QA/QC responsibilities during field data acquisition and reprocessing activities. Project work scopes include inter-well correlation, full field modeling and facies studies.