Drilling and completion planning and field supervision

ORBIS engineers plan drilling and completion programs worldwide in developed and remote locations. Our drilling experience includes both vertical and horizontal drilling. ORBIS maintains ownership of several software licenses including casing design and directional/torque-drag programs that reduce overall design time.

During all phases of onshore and offshore operations, our team supervises and implements rig evaluations, logistical planning, material flow, drilling operations and coordination of the drilling programs with client engineering teams. Working in the major oil field locations worldwide, our drilling engineers have extensive well-site experience and have a practical and proven knowledge of what can be done in a drilling program.

With first-hand know-how, the ORBIS completion engineers understand onshore and offshore wells, including platform and subsea well construction. Our proven skills in completion designs such as multiple frac-pack, smart well subsea completions and HT/HP; and completion including horizontal wells and artificial lift are evidenced in well-executed, successful projects for our clients.

The ORBIS field supervisors take the responsibility of managing operations rather than recording events after the fact. Experience coupled with accountability is the ORBIS difference.